[kismac] Re: No clients visible

  • From: "Kevin Bringard" <comandercool@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 13:38:30 -0700

Install Ethereal... there is a darwinport of it.

Enable dumping in kismac, be sure you remember the path you told
kismac to dump to.

Fire up kismac, and scan till you see some data packets (real data,
not just beacon frames).

Open Ethereal and File -> Open the dump file Kismac just created.

The mac addresses of any network cards sending to or from the AP will be listed.

If you need some help understanding network frames, Ethereal, MAC
addresses, etc check Ethereals site (www.ethereal.org), they have some
good info on it.

-- Kevin

On 9/2/06, Hcan . <hcan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No, the network is not WEP/WPA protected, just MAC address filtered. Is
there a way to find out the MAC address for the clintes connected even
though it is not an encrypted network?

>From: "Jorge Laranjo" <jorge.laranjo@xxxxxxxxx> >Reply-To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx >To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx >Subject: [kismac] Re: No clients visible >Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 20:26:47 +0100 > >I believe that it can happen if no one is connected to that AP. >AFAIK some AP give you the chance to connect using the AP Mac Address. Is >the network WEP / WPA protected? > >On 9/2/06, Hcan . <hcan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: >> >>I'm running R158 on a MacBook in passive mode using the built in Airport >>Express, but I am not able to see any connected clients. The only client >>listed is the AP itself. Have I missed somthing? >> >> >> >> > > >-- >Atentamente, >Jorge Laranjo > >email> jorge.laranjo@xxxxxxxxx >gTalk > jorge.laranjo@xxxxxxxxx >msn > jorgelaranjo@xxxxxxxxxxx >aim > jorge.laranjo@xxxxxxx >skype> jorge.laranjo >http://www.olhares.com/fueg0/ >http://www.flickr.com/photos/fueg0/

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