[kismac] Re: Never enough packets

  • From: Lasse Jespersen <l.j@xxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 08:48:56 +0200

It compiles nicely, thanks for bringing this to my attention.. Has anyone tried this with kismac's pcap dumps yet?

On Sep 20, 2004, at 7:19 PM, Erik Winkler wrote:

Cracking via weak packets is broken on the current version of Kismac. If you save your Kismac dump files you can use a tool like aircrack (http://www.cr0.net:8040/code/network/) to crack the WEP key for a specific BSSID. While the aircrack toolset was designed for Linux, the aircrack and 802ether applications compile and work under MacOS X just fine.

In my tests I was able to crack a 128-bit WEP key after capturing about 500,000 encrypted packets. Notice I didn't say weak packets as aircrack doesn't depend on "weak" packets, only packets with unique IVs.

I've posted version 2.0 of Aircrack compiled for MacOSX at http://www.macunix.net/Aircrack-2.0_MacOSX.zip

Please see the readme file on how to use aircrack.


On Sep 20, 2004, at 12:05 PM, Francis Gulotta wrote:

That's a hard one. Anywhere from 10 to 10,000 depending on how weak the weak packets are, and if the same weakness is through out them. Even after a day or two monitoring my own network (which is heavily used) I still was unable to crack my wep. I had something like 15,000 weak packets.


On Sep 20, 2004, at 11:40 AM, Natalia Portillo wrote:

Why everytime I try any crack method (bruteforce or others), it says that
there are not enough packets?

What is the minimum packets?

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