[kismac] Re: Mapping/GIS and other stuff?

  • From: pgcudahy <pgcudahy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac <kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Szechuan Death <sdeath@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 14:56:07 -0800

You can "merge" the .kismac files by opening the saved file from your previous 
run and then hitting scan. The new data just adds on to whatever was saved. I 
have a separate .kismac file for all of my scanning locations and just open 
the appropriate one when I start a new session at a place I've been before.
-Patrick Cudahy

>===== Original Message From Szechuan Death <sdeath@xxxxxxx> =====
>Are there any plans to change the KisMAC mapper to use GIS data instead
>of images that have to calibrated by hand?  (I've noticed that the
>calibration tends to get "lost", and at any rate is relatively
>inaccurate unless extreme opposing corners of the map are used as
>calibration points, which isn't always practical.)
>In a similar vein, are there any plans to enable KisMAC to "merge"
>data from multiple KisMAC saved runs (_not_ the PCAP dumps, but the
>extra "metadata" attached to it, stored in the "blah.kismac" files?)
>Can this be done already, and I've simply missed something?
>In addition, on my system (PBG4 rev A/500, 1GB RAM, 10.3, Senao
>wireless card w/ MACJack driver, KisMAC 0.06a), running for awhile
>causes the GPS subsystem to shit itself with a vengeance.  When KisMAC
>is getting data directly from the GPS, this leads to a buffer overflow
>in the Keyspan driver, which causes massive system log spam.  When I
>configure it to use GPSd instead, it simply refuses to get any more GPS
>data after about 20 minutes or so, requiring a restart of KisMAC.
>If there are known fixes to these problems, or some are on the way,
>then I see no reason to stir my lazy ass and I'll simply wait for them.
>If there aren't, or others have bigger fish to fry, then I'll get off
>my lazy ass and start coding.  (I've been meaning to pick a project
>and dick around with Cocoa anyway.)
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