[kismac] Mapping/GIS and other stuff?

  • From: Szechuan Death <sdeath@xxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 11:30:22 -0900

Are there any plans to change the KisMAC mapper to use GIS data instead
of images that have to calibrated by hand?  (I've noticed that the
calibration tends to get "lost", and at any rate is relatively
inaccurate unless extreme opposing corners of the map are used as
calibration points, which isn't always practical.)

In a similar vein, are there any plans to enable KisMAC to "merge"
data from multiple KisMAC saved runs (_not_ the PCAP dumps, but the
extra "metadata" attached to it, stored in the "blah.kismac" files?)
Can this be done already, and I've simply missed something?

In addition, on my system (PBG4 rev A/500, 1GB RAM, 10.3, Senao
wireless card w/ MACJack driver, KisMAC 0.06a), running for awhile
causes the GPS subsystem to shit itself with a vengeance.  When KisMAC
is getting data directly from the GPS, this leads to a buffer overflow
in the Keyspan driver, which causes massive system log spam.  When I
configure it to use GPSd instead, it simply refuses to get any more GPS
data after about 20 minutes or so, requiring a restart of KisMAC.

If there are known fixes to these problems, or some are on the way,
then I see no reason to stir my lazy ass and I'll simply wait for them.
If there aren't, or others have bigger fish to fry, then I'll get off
my lazy ass and start coding.  (I've been meaning to pick a project
and dick around with Cocoa anyway.)

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