[kismac] Map stuff

  • From: ard.jonker@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 11:27:37 +0200

Hi Mick, list,

I noticed that sometimes (hard to reproduce) I can load an 
'oversized' map image yet cannot zoom out. That is, initially the 
'map' window shows the map scaled down and fit to window. When I save 
the map as kismac map and proceed, at some stage, possibly sometime 
after reloading the map (definitely happened both when calibrated and 
when not calibrated) I can not zoom out, while I only see a small 
portion of the map. I'll try to reproduce my steps when this occurs, 
and meanwhile, this might be a lead for others to watch for the same 
behaviour and report such.

Maybe for clarities sake, the GPS locations (last position, current 
GPS reading, GPS position of the mouse pointer when it is over the 
map) all deserve a place of their own in the 'map' window edge.

Another thing that I found out, maybe something for a manual, is that 
if you have calibrated the map and choose the 'set current position', 
then after clicking the map, you get your current location predefined 
in the dialog box.
Had 'show current position' not been used for displaying or hiding 
the 'breathing spot', it might have been better to have the menu read 
as 'show current position' rather than 'set current position'.

The 'set current position' allows you to check your GPS receiver and 
your map calibration against your known position. I mean by this: if 
you have a map calibrated using eg. an atlas and you have recorded 
your GPS home (house) location for a longer time (overnight; a few 
thousand readings), you can check if the average location of the 
house actually shows the correct coordinates when you click on your 
house in your calibrated map, and by switching on the GPS, you can 
see if the 'trace' is wandering around your house or that it is way 

Ehr, Mick, 'reset GPS subsystem', doesn't by accident mess up 
calibration too, does it?


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