[kismac] Re: MAC spoofing

  • From: Lee Lindquist <inaudiblenoise@xxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 17:19:36 -0500

If you install the WirelessDriver and then install KisMac, upon 
installation of KisMac it will detect that you have installed 
WirelessDriver and offer to patch it to support MAC spoofing.  It does 
not require any kernel manipulation.  The KisMac installer will place 
another program in the /Applications folder, WirelessMAC, using this 
program you can set the MAC address of your Prism2 (or 2.5 in my case) 
to anything you like.  I have tested this, and it works very well.


On Thursday, July 3, 2003, at 03:18  PM, Jeff's Bulk wrote:

> I have a linksys WPC11 v3 sittint here, and supposedly it is a prism2
> card... any idea where i can go to find out about spoofing?  From what
> i have garnered by googling, it is only possible with a complete kernel
> patch and recompile, but i was hoping for another way....
> On Thursday, July 3, 2003, at 03:18  PM, N. Karras wrote:
>> Prism 2 MAC is flashable.  Airport is basically an Orinoco card.  =
>> Therefore, MAC cannot be changed, at least to my knowledge.  anyway, =
>> which would you rather screw up?  An expensive Airport card, or a $35 
>> =
>> Prism 2 card?
>> NPK
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>> From: "Jeff Chapin" <chapinj@xxxxxxx>
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>> Cc: "Jeff Chapin" <chapinj@xxxxxxx>
>> Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2003 2:25 PM
>> Subject: [kismac] MAC spoofing
>>> Any one successfully got airport to mac spoof, or perhaps a prism2=20
>>> based card? I am interested, as I would like to be able to set 2 
>>> PC=20
>>> cards as the same MAC (airport with internal antenna, and prism2
>>> with=20
>>> an external jack and waveguide antenna...)  for use at my
>>> college...=20
>>> they only allow one wireless account per student.....

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