[kismac] Re: MAC Spoofing with ibook G3

  • From: Brad Knowles <brad.knowles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 14:03:36 +0100

At 12:21 PM +0100 2003/10/28, Holger Mahlau wrote:

>  I have an ibook/G3 without ext. PCMCIA slot and with Airport WLAN card.
>  I think when i want to spoof the MAC address i need another card (ex.
>  Orinoco).

        If you want to be able to sniff the traffic silently (one card), 
and then spoof the MAC address and generate traffic (second card), 
you'll definitely need two cards.  Problem is, the iBook only 
supports a single AirPort card, and doesn't have a PC card slot.  You 
might be able to use USB or FireWire attached wireless devices, but I 
don't know whether or not they're supported by KisMac.

>  Can i use another WLAN card (ex. Orinoco) in the slot under the keypad,

        Nope.  That's an Apple proprietary card, and the only device that 
works in it is the Apple AirPort card.

>                                                                          then
>  install the drivers and spoof the MAC address.

        If you had only one card, you would only be able to switch back 
and forth between sniffing (silently) and generating traffic (via the 
spoofed MAC).  You wouldn't be able to do both.

        If you want to both at the same time, you need a PowerBook with 
two slots (either an AirPort slot and a PC card slot, or two PC card 

>  Has someone do this ?

        If you find anyone who has, please let us know.

>                        Is there enough room for another card under the keypad
>  (without the little antenna on the cards)?

        Only the AirPort card will fit there.

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