[kismac] Re: MAC Spoofing with ibook G3

  • From: "N. Karras" <nkarras@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 19:04:39 -0500

The original iBook airport slot will accept a regular PCMCIA card.  That's
one step in the so-called Silver-To-Gold solution, where you turn an Orinico
64 bit (Silver) into an Orinoco 128 bit (gold) card via software update.
However...  When such an Orinoco card us inserted, the computer will only
treat it as an Airport card, since Apple's airport card is essentially a
Lucent Orinoco card.  From what I have read, it will not work with other
wireless cards even if they do fit.

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: Hi Holger,
: > I have an ibook/G3 without ext. PCMCIA slot and with Airport WLAN card.
: > I think when i want to spoof the MAC address i need another card (ex.
: > Orinoco).
: >
: > My question:
: > Can i use another WLAN card (ex. Orinoco) in the slot under the
: > keypad, then
: > install the drivers and
: > spoof the MAC address.
: > Has someone do this ? Is there enough room for another card under the
: > keypad
: > (without the little
: > antenna on the cards)?
: The problem is imho that the slot is not an 'pcmcia' slot (at least no
: real). there are a couple of pins somewhere else. the problem is
: another one: even if you get the other hardware to work in the slot
: (with soldering etc), the driver interface is another. you will need
: other drivers for it.
: the easier way would be to adapt the sourceforge wireless driver to
: work on an airport card, since the airport card has exactly the same
: chip interface as orinoco cards. it is not a major hack, since one
: could look at the macjack and viha drivers, but i currently do not have
: the time for this. if you find someone who can do it, i would give you
: a hand however.
: mick
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