[kismac] Re: KisMAC is way buggy

  • From: "Nathan Karras" <nkarras@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 23:36:26 -0500

I personally have very few of these problems.  I agree that it is
unpredictable with my Aironet card, which is why I don't use it.  The
Orinoco Gold works better for me anyway (Not sure why but it does)....

I used to have crash problems when resizing Kismac with the map open.  The
0.7x+ versions do not do this to me.

The only times it does not unload the drivers for wireless cards is if it
crashes.  I have never had this problem otherwise.  I have on occasion lost
my menu bar Airport icon, though it still works correctly without the icon
after closing Kismac, through the system prefs.

I have not had more than about 400-450 APs in one list at a time so I cannot
comment on that problem.  I generally do lists in set areas (Not a whole
city), then start over in a new area.

Try with a little less hostility please, remember that Mick is one person
who especially considering everything else he is doing, is doing a great
job, and I for one hope he keeps it up.


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Subject: [kismac] KisMAC is way buggy

> Mick:
> Here's a list of bugs which prevent me from using KisMAC.
> Problem:
> KisMAC only records GPS coordinates for about 20% of the sites
> stumbled. This is based on over 3000 access points detected.
> Notes:
> This only occurs with my Cisco Aironet 350 card. With a borrowed Prism
> 2.5 card, KisMAC works great -- records all GPS coordinates perfectly.
> I reported this on the bugtracker months ago, but it was closed with a
> note "not reproducible".
> Problem:
> KisMAC drivers don't seem to unload.
> Notes: If I run KisMAC and scan and quit it, then I cannot get a
> connection through my Airport Extreme, Senao, or Cisco Aironet card. In
> fact, if I scan with KisMAC, quit KisMAC, relaunch KisMAC, it says that
> it can't load the driver. So basically if I scan with KisMAC, I have to
> reboot my machine afterwards.
> Problem:
> KisMAC crashes or locks up moderately frequently.
> Notes:
> KisMAC is more stable than it used to be (used to crash when I looked
> at it wrong). I can't exactly reproduce the crashes, but I can give you
> instances that increase the probability of a crash:.
> (1) When resizing the KisMAC window, especially repeatedly.
> (2) When resorting KisMAC lists (in previous versions, this would
> inevitably cause a crash).
> (3) When the list gets over about 400 access points (very easy to do
> within 30 minutes in San Francisco).
> (4) Switching between the list window and map window repeatedly or too
> quickly (this causes a freeze).
> Due to these bugs, perhaps 90% of the nodes I scan are unusable. I no
> longer wardrive with KisMAC. I can't imagine that anyone else does
> either.
> PS: I'd be happy to pay a $15 shareware fee if the above bugs are
> fixed, as the features it offers are not matched by any other Mac OS X
> software.

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