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  • Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 13:36:11 +1030

I'll search through the source, I think that's easier than trying to reverse-engineer it...
On 05/02/2006, at 1:27 PM, themacuser wrote:

I made up a trace of:






and I put
NSMutableArray *m;
m = [[WaveHelper trace] trace];
[m writeToFile:@"/kmtrace.trace" atomically:YES]; //themacuser investigation 2 - 1
NSLog(@"Written Trace");
into setShowTrace so I can dump the trace whenever i want.

PropertyListEditor can open it and gives me: (all on one line - I added the linebreaks so it matches the data above).

<40615233 00000000 c0416fde 82d7b635
4061532b a0000000 c041713c 60029f16
40615292 20ff5409 c041717c 02afdda9
4061544d df86e3b5 c04170b9 a176ddad
406152ec df266ba4 c04173d1 5f02c4d7 >

However, opening the XML file in TextEdit gives me:


I'm still trying to work out what it means. Anyone have any idea?

On 05/02/2006, at 12:36 PM, themacuser wrote:

Yeah, realtime isnt very useful IMO as well. Because when you're wardriving, you don't exactly have internet access (at least most of us don't, but not with the bandwidth to use google earth anyway if you DO have some kind of cellular broadband).

I'll have a look at how the trace works.

On 05/02/2006, at 11:40 AM, Robin L Darroch wrote:

Actually, I've got it about 2/3 done already (for "export" functionality - no real-time tracing yet). It looks like it should be pretty straightforward to export all the network positions to KML, however I'm a bit stumped on how to export the trace (just because I'm having difficulty decoding how the trace is stored). If someone can come up with a bit of code that will translate a trace to a sequence of lat-long pairs, I can certainly do the rest.

Real-time probably isn't as useful as export anyway.

I was thinking of doing exactly that. I can write the GUI code if you wish, and add the function handlers. I'd be fine with writing the underlying code myself, but if you want to do it you can.
On 05/02/2006, at 12:50 AM, Robin L Darroch wrote:

... and I was just thinking yesterday about using KisMAC to generate real-time KML output for a network link into Google Earth. Would only be a small step from my existing GPS-to- Google Earth program. Anyone else interested in either real- time or "export" functionality to send data to Google Earth? I can write the code to produce the output, but would need someone else to do the menu/GUI work (although I might see if I can figure out the Export thing myself).

At 8:13 -0800 3/2/06, Geoffrey Kruse wrote:
On Feb 3, 2006, at 8:10 AM, Francis Gulotta wrote:

Ohh I almost forgot! I've been asked to start learning everything I can about GIS (global information systems). Mostly about mapping database data onto arial imagery. Just thought I'd add that. =)

I just presented my senior thesis on a similar topic yesterday! I will be releasing the app as open source later today and I will post the link here.


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