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  • Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 08:57:21 +1030

I'll be a moderator for the forum if you want.
On 31/01/2006, at 6:11 AM, John Warren wrote:

When I picture the forum, I picture it as having some predefined
topics of discusion that allow for threading below them.  For
instance, topics of discussion could be:

Installation Questions
GPS Questions
Feature Requests
Bug Reports
Known Conflicts with Apple Updates/drivers

and I'm sure some more will pop up.  These could have subtopics to
better help direct people.  The forum moderator(s) would browse
through new submissions and make sure they are in the right topic,
direct users to answers that may already exist, delete abusive
submissions, alert the developers of a recurrent problem being
reported that may need to be addressed in the current work in

I know when I first start to dive into a new piece of software I look
for forums to answer the repetitive questions.  Most often, other
peoples trials and errors give me a jump start on everything.  Having
an official kismac forum may make it easier for the developers of the
software to glean useful information.  Instead of receiving random
emails that talk about 10 different things all at once.


On 1/30/06, Brad Knowles <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
At 8:57 AM -0800 2006-01-30, John Warren wrote:

I think a forum is a great idea. It allows for quicker communication
about relavent topics, and allows for 'past information' to be
accessible to those who are jsut stumbling upon Kismac like myself.

I've been managing mail systems and mailing lists for over fifteen years -- since before the web existed. I've tried using web forum systems since they were first created. I've never once seen a single web forum system that works as well as even a poor mailing list system.

        There are some systems that have been set up so that all web
forum traffic gets mirrored to a mailing list (and vice-versa), but I
have not seen them in operation, and I don't know how well they work.

If you want to set up a web based forum system, you'll split the
Kismac community, which is small enough as it is. Unless you're
willing/able to set up a forum that has a mailing list gateway
function, I think it's a bad idea.

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