[kismac] Re: KisMAC 0.05b3

  • From: Mark Grimes <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 13:29:25 -0700

Tested on PBG4/800 running 10.3 Panther DP

Although 0.5b1 still works with WWDC Prerelease (viha driver load), 
0.5b3 will not instantiate the kext.
Is there a more detailed mode of logging then viewing system.log as 
everything looks normal otherwise.

Are you using the Dec2002GCC3.3 updater or are you also testing on 
panther prerelease infrastructure to make headway for issues concerning 
next major OS point release?  I will test project src integration with 
Xcode tomorrow since I've got to head off to a 4th of july bbq shortly.

(Just in case you are interested -- Let me know if there is any other 
areas you would like more detail on if you are curious about 10.3 
behavior)  The fact that beta 1 worked PERFECT (even with kext's) 
should be comforting that under the existing code base there "should" 
be no real show-stoppers in the eventual GM release of Panther.


P.S. Larry Loeb presented the same problem under 10.2.6 in a prior 
email, so I doubt it is a panther only issue.
However the only difference is that under Panther the Airport driver 
reloads successfully and the computer does not need to be restarted.

On Friday, July 4, 2003, at 1:15 PM, Lieven Gekiere wrote:

> Hi,
> Just tried it... I must say I love it !!!
> The ability of seeing (other) wardrivers is way cool !
> (does it only work for macstumblers?)
> Everything works fine here on 10.2.6 on my first gen. Ibook !
> Lieven
>> From: Michael Rossberg <mick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Reply-To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 21:54:12 +0200
>> To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Subject: [kismac] KisMAC 0.05b3
>> Hi guys,
>> the new features are:
>> We are using GCC 3.3 now.
>> Some Bugs were removed.
>> KisMAC checks now, whether a driver is still in use. This should
>> prevent a lot of crashes.
>> KisMAC is also able to detect active stumblers, such as macstumbler
>> users.
>> I would like some feedback, since this has only be tested under 
>> panther.
>> have fun
>> mick

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