[kismac] Re: IRC channel

  • From: Michael Rossberg <mick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 11:33:09 +0200

 an irc channel is pretty cool for debugging, however i have a problem
 with the fact that there is no "archive" which can be searched. this
 probably leads to certain questions again and again.

Yeah, we have this problem for #ntp.

That said, there are bots that will record everything seen in the channel, and you can then publish that as a log. There are irc servers which provide this functionality without requiring a bot to be logged in. If this is a major complaint, then you can either go the bot route or choose an irc provider that avoids the issue.

oh well just give it a shot ;-) if we talk about something important, i guess we can just copy and paste it into the wiki.... i setuped my client to join #KisMAC on freenode. oddly the channel exists already =). so you can find me around there when i dont forget to start the client....


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