[kismac] Re: High Output Cards that work with Kismac?

  • From: Brad Knowles <brad.knowles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 14:27:33 +0100

At 12:21 PM +1030 2003/11/22, Ryan Verner wrote:

>  Howdy, for stumbling using kismac (say, wardriving), what are the cards
>  like?  I'm currently happy with my Orinico (30mW?) + Kismet; I'm not
>  sure what the drivers do, but damn - kismac picks up at least twice as
>  many AP's anything else, even kismet; possibly even more.

        I haven't done much war-driving, certainly not since KisMac came 
into existence or the Senao cards became available.  I can say that 
the Senao cards allow me to get good connectivity to my WLAN from the 
top floor of the house (three floors above where the AirPort base 
stations are installed), whereas the built-in AirPort card craps out 
anywhere beyond one floor above.

        My Lucent/Orinoco WaveLAN Gold seems to be okay two floors above, 
but sometimes that's a bit flaky.  The Cisco AiroNet 350 card is 
solid two floors above and sometimes works okay three floors above. 
I still hope to write an article on measuring and monitoring 
real-world WiFi card performance in full three-dimensional space (all 
other articles I've seen have talked only about measuring 
two-dimensional performance), so maybe this will all become a bit 
more clear.

        Anyway, keep in mind that this is an old house from the early 
1900's with 14' ceilings and heavy construction.

>  I find I can pickup AP's inside of buildings (SOHO access points) from
>  around 100M away; for example, on the opposite side of the road,
>  approaching the building.  Any better with these 100mW cards?

        My experience is that they Senao cards are much better than the 
Lucent/Orinoco cards, both in terms of having their signal heard by 
the base station (power), and in terms of picking up weak base 
station signals from far away (sensitivity).

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