[kismac] Re: Hawking HWUG1 compatibility

  • From: klabazofo <klabazofo@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2007 19:27:35 -0400


For chipset info try http://linux-wless.passys.nl

Kismac r228 does not support wireless g usb packet injection under os x
according to the kismac irc channel.

This site I found has every ralink wireless driver for os x


You need to translate it in google or something to view it if i remember

If you get this going with packet injection please post a report. :-)


On 4/7/07, Grant <gbander@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I have been looking for a Ralink-based USB 802.11b/g adapter that
will work well with KisMAC.

Hawking's HWUG1 adapter has caught my attention as it has an external
antenna (no soldering needed to get a decent antenna, this is its
major selling point for me.) I've not had much luck discovering what
chipset is in this thing. All I could find were two reviewers on
Amazon who said they got theirs working with their Macs by using
Ralink's RT2571 driver. Does anybody know for sure what chipset is in
this thing? Does anybody have any experience or thoughts on the
device? And most importantly, might this work with KisMAC?

Hawking also makes the HWUG1A, which is their "for Mac Users" version
of the HWUG1. I'm not sure what the difference actually is.

Any information or insight will be much appreciated.


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