[kismac] Guide to MAC customization on the Mac

  • From: "bob kismac" <kismacbob@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 03:18:00 +0000

Hi list,

I am putting a to guide to MAC spoofing for computer retards ? like I me
:). I am planning to add this in the FAQ of KisMac WiKi under the title
?MAC Address Customization on the Mac?.

Here is the information I compiled from the list and KisMac website. I am
hoping you will correct any inaccuracies or mistakes before I post the
guide. All comments are highly welcomed.

ABSTRACT: - MAC customization is not possible on airport card (extreme or normal) - Custom address is only supported on opensource driver with a patch, be it the sf.net with ?my patch? / ?WirelessMac? or GTDriver and terminal commands - thus only Prism 2 and 2.5 or PrismGT based cards will allow MAC customization. - Customization on Prism2 USB devices can only be obtained after flashing the firmware, downloaded from FRARS (like described in KisMac WiFi Hacks). - USB NICs with Prism2 chipsets are the only who will allow MAC spoofing - GTDriver and WirelessDriver will not allow mac spoofing in the range of Broadcom Ethernet address, thus making it impossible to spoof other apple macs using airport extreme. - GTDriver and sf.net drivers are PCMCIA only - No PrismGT card as of today offers external connectors (but the 3com card has an internal hirose connector).

Stop me if I am wrong.

- WirelessMac doesn?t work in Panther and Tiger but it does in Jaguar,
thus rendering MAC spoofing on Prism2 based cards much more difficult on
Panther and Tiger?
- KisMac R62 or R65 no longer asks to install ?my patch? or ?WirelessMac?
on top of the sf.net driver (it didn?t in my case at least)? So to install
WirelessMac you will need to install KisMac 0.12a or bellow?
- Mick says: ?no kernel patch which allows you mac spoofing with a
wireless device?. However users report success on ?MAC Spoofing on the
Mac? http://slagheap.net/etherspoof/ under panther and state terminal commands are okay under Tiger, using both Ethernet and wireless cards. Who?s right?
- Firmware flashing of Prism2 devices is NOT for computer retards? Or am i missing something?


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