[kismac] GPS/GPSd flaking out

  • From: Paul Jacoby <pej@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 21:52:14 -0500

I've been using gpsdX 1.5 on my iBook G3/600 with KisMac for some time now. In the past two weeks or so, KisMac has lost the GPS fix about 3 minutes after I fire up KisMAC. I've found that quitting KisMac and restarting it gets gpsd going again. Oddly I do NOT have to quit gpsd. Sometimes I am able to go into the KisMac prefs, select the GPS pane, and then close the prefs to kick KisMac back into GPS-action, but this doesn't always work.

Here's my setup:
OS X 10.4.7
KisMac r190 (was running r159) -- with TMU's GPS Info window open, prefs set to use gpsd for coords.
gpsdX 1.5
Holux GPSlim 236 Bluetooth GPS (/dev/tty.HOLUXGPSlim236-SPPslave-1)
Belkin USB/Bluetooth adapter

Today for a trial I opened a terminal window and telnet'd to localhost:2947, then typed 'w' to have gpsd spew. I opened up KisMac, saw it acknowledge the gpsd connection and register my gps info. After about 3 minutes I noticed the speed in KisMac's GPS Info window had locked, and I saw no more output from my terminal window telnet session.

I quit KisMac and started it back up, and all was well with the GPS -- I drove for another 45 minutes without any hiccups.

Any ideas on this? I know it's been stated that gpsd is still a bit flakey, but it's weird that gpsdX has worked very well for me for months. The last OS update I installed was in August (Security Update 2006-004), so that doesn't seem a likely culprit.

Is there a prefs file or something for gpsd that might have gotten corrupt?

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