[kismac] Re: GPS success story

  • From: Michael Rossberg <mick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 19:24:04 +0200

> Actually, such a feature may be more useful than you think -- it is
> quite often possible to anticipate a trip and retrieve all the images
> you need and store them on a hard drive.

I know it is useful, but as you said you use an automatic download.

> In the case of Canadian government topographic maps, they are stored on
> a server with a very consistent naming structure and with a bit of
> "curl work" I was able to download my entire region. An afternoon of
> calibrating them (not done yet) will allow me to load an unload maps
> depending on my location.

calibration is also my problem. i need to support a lot of different 
services for a lot of countries. and all have to be calibrated. what 
server do you use for the canadian government maps?

> The "checkerboard" application could even be separate (a web image map,
> I think, would be a good kluge) and it would launch the appropriate
> .kismap file.

i think a kismap-collection would be the best, one could put a lot of 
overlapping maps into the collection and kismac would automatically 
select the best map.... this would avoid a checkerboard application.
did anyone try 0.05d yet?


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