[kismac] Re: GPS subsystem stops working

  • From: ard.jonker@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 07:27:44 +0200

At 4:54 -0400 03/09/26, N. Karras wrote:
>: I have a TN-200 too, and have problems here too. When loading a map
>: while GPS is on, the proper map is loaded. IMHO, Kismac then should
>: know the scale, right?
>: The current location however, is not shown. I can activate it, but
>: the marker does not appear. I am I wrong in assuming that it should
>: be visible without entering the second marker?
>You need to set the second waypoint manually.  The first is set by the
>program.  Unless both are set, Kismac will not know where you are.

That is not logical; Kismac knows where I am from my GPS reading. The 
prove of that is Kismac loading the appropriate map from the server 
showing my position approximately in the middle of the map.

When downloading, I tell Kismac what scale to use (both in pixels and 
in zooming), so Kismac has all the ingredients there to know exactly 
where I am and where I go and the map size for calibration. No second 
waypoint is needed. I am strengthened in this opinion by a recent 
message of Mick telling that, when you don't use a GPS device, you 
only enter one waypoint in server maps.

The second waypoint in scanned maps is only to determine the scale of 
the map. That is (or could have been) done automatically from the 
scale you enter in preferred download size at the mapserver download.

Where am I missing something?

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