[kismac] Re: GPS location never changing

  • From: Theodore <theodore@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 16:13:09 -0600

On 10-Feb-04, at 3:04 PM, Rhett Prichard wrote:

hello everyone, i have read the FAQs on GPS systems and have yet to see anyone mention how you could test the GPS to see if it is working, does anyone have any ideas on this, are there any apps, or any commands i can pipe to the serial to have to send data to standard out?
my problems is that i get the same msg and same location no matter where i am in the city i live in.
the time keeps ticking away, so i would assume that means that it is showing the last know location was retrieved at that time, vs just showing the current system time, is this a wrong assumption?
please if anyone has any ideas, i'm very new at gps interfacing and would love any advise.
as far as what i have done so far.
I've bought the device that was suggested in the manual, at least it was the deluo version, as for some reason my company has an issue with buying things in a language they cant read.
I have both tried the drivers from deluo.com and the lact.de and am having no luck.
If I run a tail -f on /dev/usb.serial0 (which is what the os configures it as) and tail hangs with no output, and a ctrl-c does not break so i must do a kill on the process instead, needless to say this make me nervous as to what it is doing that hangs so bad.

Any ideas on what might be wrong, or how I could validate my configuration?


I had a problem like this, and i seem to have fixed it by using GPSd instead of directly accessing the GPS. Also this way i can run Position at the same time to confirm that i've got a good feed of data to my GPS.


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