[kismac] GPS integration problem

  • From: Roman Schlegel <rschlegel@xxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 23:08:43 +0200

Hello everyone

I am having troubles using a GPS mouse with kismac. It works perfectly 
for about ten minutes and then the reported location freezes even if I 
keep moving. There is no error message but all subsequently discovered 
nets have the same location (which is incorrect, of course).

I've been using Kismac 0.05d and today I tried 0.05e1 but the problem 
persisted. The GPS mouse I am using is attached via USB but uses the 
Prolific PL2303 driver to simulate a serial device. I've also been 
using the GPS mouse using other programs (like gpsdrive) for a lot 
longer than ten minutes without problems.

While trying to find any hint concerning the malfunction I also had a 
look at the system.log but cold not find any GPS related message. There 
were plenty of "MACJack: MACJackCard::getRecord: _waitForNotBusy error" 
messages but as far as I learned in the archives that's not too unusual.

So to be honest I am a bit stuck here and any help would be greatly 
appreciated. Unfortunately switching to a different application is not 
really an option, Kismac is far too useful for that ;-).


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