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  • Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 13:17:00 +1000

Yes - I expect that's what happened. I admit I didn't check the domain registry records. It used to be that we had kismac.info->kismac.de, but it was (before the new legislation) decided that kismac.de was to be the primary domain, so kismac.info was left as a pointer (and I suppose ignored when it came up to expiry)... and I guess now a domain squatter has it in the hope that we'll care enough to buy it back for fifty times what it's worth.

I'm not sure which is the lower life form - domain squatters or spammers.

Theres a thread in the archives that relates to this domain, it used
to redirect to the main website, however it looks like maybe its been
expired and repurchased by some Canadian dude.


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At 1:16 PM +0100 2006-02-05, Michael Rossberg wrote:

  well i guess i ll just register the de domain. i get it real cheap, and
  i still have some from the paypal account... make it available the next

        I already registered kismac.info and kismac.biz with gandi.net,
although it may take a couple of days for everyone to get the update.

        I'll gladly go ahead and set up the web redirection through
GANDI, and/or hand over the domains to you, or someone else on behalf
of the project.

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