[kismac] Re: External ASUS WL-100G Broadcom-based 802.11g card

  • From: Brad Knowles <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 23:49:58 +0200

At 5:33 PM -0400 2004-09-20, Derrick J Brashear wrote:

 Does the viha (it is viha, right?) driver really conflict with the
 AirPort2 driver? like, why can't i have apple's driver on the g card,
 and the passive-supporting driver on the b card? i think it's possible.
 i should try it.

The problem is that Apple groups the two drivers they provide, even though they are totally different code for totally different technology. It's not that Viha conflicts with the Broadcom driver, it's that Apple won't load the Aiport Driver without the Airport Extreme driver (and vice-versa), and Viha can't co-exist with the original Apple Airport driver.

For the Airport Extreme driver, KisMAC can only use it in active mode, because the OS native driver is being used, as opposed to a a custom driver.

it's probably the card you think it is. but i got the apple driver to unload.

You can get them to load/unload as a pair, but you can't get them to load/unload separately.

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