[kismac] Data Packets, Saved Sessions, Etc.

  • From: "Ray Dios Haque" <ray@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 12:48:30 -0400

I purchased an old iBook, an AirPort card, and some RAM off of eBay a week or 
two ago.  Man, am I in love with this new toy.
MacStumbler was fun, I guess.  But once I discovered KisMac it opened up a 
whole other dimension.  I am picking up several access points that otherwise 
didn't exist to me.

I am very interested in obtaining a key from a nearby access point by cracking 
the WEP.  My question is, what should I be capturing and saving packets to make 
this possible?  I am not interested in reading through captured packets or 
reconstructing them in any way.  My intention is to get that WEP key!  I have 
been running scans all night long from my night stand, and then saving my 
sessions in the morning.

As my hard drive is a mere 3 gig's, and OS X takes up most of that, I have not 
been logging any packets with the dumplog.  Should I be?  My question is, is 
saving my KisMac session (creating the *.kismac file) all I need to do to 
resume cracking a key?  Or ... do I need all of those dumplogs to be saved too?

It looks to me like waiting, and collecting Weak Packets is all I have to do 
until I see that the WEP key has been discovered.  After 3 nights, I only have 
collected about 5000 data packets, but 31 Weak Keys.  The access point is a 
Microsoft brand.  Fun!  :-)

-Ray Dios Haque
ray AT gloop.net

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