[kismac] Re: DWL-122 Spinning Beach ball!

  • From: André Ludwig <andre@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 09:47:13 +0200

I also own a DWL-122 and it works with kismac. But there are a few rules of conduct to avoid crashes of kismac. Let me list, what I found out:
- always stop scanning in mode "All channels". If you stopped it in singel channel mode, go to preferences -> drivers and activate all channels.
- always save results in stopped scanning mode. After each save, I have to restart kismac to avoid problems.
--> general tip: lots of restarts reduce problems. Sounds annoying, but works.

The first days I tried out kismac with my DWL-122 I despaired of it. It could be, that your Mac and your DWL-122 are in a mode, which causes your problem. It's always unsafe to unplug the DWL while kismac is running (crashed or running well) because then, it isn't able to unload the driver.
Try to restart your Mac, plug your DWL in, start kismac, set up driver in preferences and retry if it works. You've to get your kismac to find your DWL friendly ;)
Good luck!


Adam Olszewski wrote:

Based on the success of others using DWL-122 and Kismac I went ahead and got
one. NO SUCESS HERE! Kismac seems to recognize it as a USB prism2 card but
then freezes up w/ a spinning ball. I tried selecting all channels as
previously mentioned and still didn't work. The only way to free up Kismac
is to unplug the card or multiple force quits. When I pull out the card I
get (USB Prism2 error) Can anyone speculate as to what the problem is? I
think there is something on my system causing this since I can get the same
DWL-122 & Kismac to work on my iBook G4 . There is a malloc error I found
that it has to do with memory allocation but not sure what to do about it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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