[kismac] Re: D-Link DWL-122 & spinning beachball when channel-hopping disabled on start...

  • From: Pascal Jürgens <pascal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 09:16:30 +0200

Hello Stefan, hello to the list,

this issue has been known for some time and has been posted to the list, afaik. The problem occurs only when you start scanning on the DWL-122 with ONE CHANNEL SELECTED. Instead, you should start scanning on all channels, and select the one you're interested afterwards from the menu. This little workaround prevents the ball of death. Just don't forget to switch back to all channels after you're done or before scanning the next time!

Greetings, hope that helps,

Pascal Jürgens

I've been having some problems with my D-Link DWL-122, and am posting here in case it this is an issue that has not been previously reported.

I purchased the DWL-122 only this week; I have not installed the D-Link drivers for it, and have only chosen this device because I wish to use it in passive mode with KisMAC to experiment with security auditing. Initially it seemed to work perfectly and the adjacent WEP network is detected fine on channel 5.

However everytime I subsequently restarted KisMAC I experienced a spinning beachball of death when pressing the "scan" button. I have been struggled for some time today to get this working, frustrated that on one or two occasions it did so, but mostly it failed.

Quite aside from whether or how it works in Kismac, DLink/Syntax/et al. users should be aware that Dlink apparently has released a new driver. Details at


Stefan Jeglinski

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