[kismac] D-Link DWL-122 & spinning beachball when channel-hopping disabled on start...

  • From: Stroller <MacMonster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 03:49:49 +0100


I've been having some problems with my D-Link DWL-122, and am posting here in case it this is an issue that has not been previously reported.

I purchased the DWL-122 only this week; I have not installed the D-Link drivers for it, and have only chosen this device because I wish to use it in passive mode with KisMAC to experiment with security auditing. Initially it seemed to work perfectly and the adjacent WEP network is detected fine on channel 5.

However everytime I subsequently restarted KisMAC I experienced a spinning beachball of death when pressing the "scan" button. I have been struggled for some time today to get this working, frustrated that on one or two occasions it did so, but mostly it failed.

In composing this email have discovered that the D-Link will start perfectly if all channels are selected in the drivers section of preferences - one may then select channel 5 & KisMAC will continue scanning only on that channel - but KisMAC seems to fail to start if a single channel is selected. I guess the couple of times that the restarts of KisMAC were successful were those before which I removed the USB Prism2 drivers, so that when I reselected them it defaulted to all channels.

I can reproduce this on both KisMAC010a & KisMAC012a from <http://binaervarianz.de/projekte/programmieren/kismac/download.php>. When I do so the console.log says:

Mac OS X Version 10.3.4 (Build 7H63)
2004-08-29 02:26:25 +0100
registered _rfb._tcp. ref is 3175920
LOG: database system was shut down at 2004-08-29 02:25:26 BST
LOG: checkpoint record is at 0/9FD1AC
LOG: redo record is at 0/9FD1AC; undo record is at 0/0; shutdown TRUE
LOG: next transaction id: 707; next oid: 24595
LOG: database system is ready
2004-08-29 02:27:24.226 KisMAC[358] KiMAC startup done. Homedir is /Applications/Stuff/Wireless Utilities/KisMAC 12a.app NSAppKitVersionNumber: 743.200000
2004-08-29 02:27:24.403 KisMAC[358] GPS integration disabled
2004-08-29 02:27:52.627 KisMAC[358] /Applications/Stuff/Wireless Utilities/KisMAC 12a.app/Contents/Resources/usbprism2_prep.sh
2004-08-29 02:27:57.733 KisMAC[358] found device i didn't want (vendor = 0x5ac, product = 0x8006)
2004-08-29 02:27:57.745 KisMAC[358] found device i didn't want (vendor = 0x5ac, product = 0x8005)
2004-08-29 02:27:57.771 KisMAC[358] USBIntersilJack is now ready to start working.
2004-08-29 02:27:58.111 KisMAC[358] USBIntersilJack: Detected a Prism2 card
2004-08-29 02:27:58.150 KisMAC[358] USBIntersilJack: Firmware vendor 31, variant 1, version 1.7
2004-08-29 02:27:58.151 KisMAC[358] USBIntersilJack: MAC 0x0 0xf 0x3d 0xe9 0xc1 0x8e
2004-08-29 02:27:58.296 KisMAC[358] error from async interruptRecieved (e00002e8)
2004-08-29 02:27:58.296 KisMAC[358] unable to do async interrupt read (e000404f). this means the card is stopped!
2004-08-29 02:28:03.001 KisMAC[358] Timeout error.
2004-08-29 02:28:03.002 KisMAC[358] Timeout error.
2004-08-29 02:28:08.001 KisMAC[358] Timeout error.
2004-08-29 02:28:08.001 KisMAC[358] Timeout error.
2004-08-29 02:28:13.001 KisMAC[358] Timeout error.
2004-08-29 02:28:13.001 KisMAC[358] Timeout error.

I hope this is of interest to someone. Perhaps I should try downloading the latest source tarball - is this updated frequently..? Are the CVS generally stable enough for everyday use..?

An unrelated question or two...
I'm completely n00b to this... so am I right in thinking it'll probably be best for me to to enable all dumping, in case it takes several sessions to grab enough data..?
I gather that I wait until I have a few hundred megs of data before choosing to "crack" from the "Network" menu... assuming an unknown WEP key, what is the time advantage of a wordlist attack..?
Presumably the weak scheduling attack takes longer, but is more reliable should one have sufficient data dumped..?

Tia for any comments,


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