[kismac] Cracking question

  • From: hoyts@xxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 05:51:17 -0800

I've been happily using Kismac for quite a while on an iBook with the original 
Airport card, and now a Macbook Pro with a USB-400 Prism2 device.
Like some others, I've not had much success with the weak scheduling attack, 
letting it run for days and after having gathered many packets.  Any thoughts 
or advice would be appreciated.  

My real question though is about cracking while acquiring packets:

One thing that interests me still about Kismet is the ability to run an attack 
against the data while it is being gathered with DWEPcrack or something of that 
nature.  The nice thing here is that when you've gathered enough packets it 
will be cracked rather than acquire,acquire,acquire and then try an attack, and 
of course I would like to be doing more than one thing at a time anyway..  If 
it won't be possible to do this in Kismac, can we run DWEPcrack or something 
else against one dump file while Kismac is making another?  Is the kismac.dump 
in a format that can be translated?

I'm sure these are idiotic questions for the more skilled among you, sorry but 
one has to start somewhere, right?


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