[kismac] Re: Compiling for dummies?

  • From: Jim Stewart <jim.stewart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 21:22:56 +0000

Thanks, I will give that a try. I am not a developer at all, just a long time mac user and as previously discussed, there does not seem to have been any recent releases of Kismac, so interested in knowing how to compile!
On 6 Feb 2006, at 21:14, oliver smith wrote:

1. Install xcode
2. Install fink
3. Install svn using fink (Open a terminal window and copy/paste this
command 'fink install svn-client-ssl') (minus the quotes)
4. Download svnX
5. Open a terminal, type svn list https://OpenSVN.csie.org/bi/

You should get this warning: svn list https://OpenSVN.csie.org/bi/
Error validating server certificate for
- The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Use the
fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!

Certificate information:
- Hostname: *.csie.org
- Valid: from Sep 7 17:38:37 2005 GMT until Sep 6 17:38:37 2010 GMT
- Issuer: CSIE.org, CSIE.org, Taipei, Taiwan, TW
- Fingerprint: d9:02:df:9b:03:03:01:08:3e:36:5b:d0:51:d3:db:0f: 70:36:cf:05
(R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently?

Type in p to accept the certificate permanently, and you should see:


Now get svnX out, go to Preferences, your path to svn binaries should
be /sw/bin instead of /usr/local/bin (I think, tell me if it doesn't
work, it might be /sw/local/bin). Then open the repositories window
and hit the plus button.

Change "My Repository" to "KisMac", change "svn://" to
"https://opensvn.csie.org/bi/"; and then double-click it. You should
now see a window with a filebrowser-like thing at the bottom, and a
list of versions at the top. Make sure that r76 is selected. Hit the
SVN Checkout button in the toolbar. Navigate to somewhere, hit New
Folder. Call it "KisMac Source". Select it and hit open.

You should now see a scrollbar scrolling, while the source downloads.
It will probably take a while.

While you wait (you say you are quite new to the apple system, if you
were a developer on linux, you will probably want to check out some of
the fink packages, there's a lot of stuff ported from linux on there.)

Now, when it's finished, you should have a folder there. Make sure you
have the latest version of xcode (2.1). If not, get it from
developer.apple.com. If you just installed it from the disks, you need
to get the update from the web.

Double-click the "compile.command" file. When it's done, open the
Build Folder > Deploy > Kismac and you'll find the built application.
Drag this to your applications folder and you're good to go. From now
on, you can merely open SVNX and checkout the latest build when it's

my 2 cents


On 2/6/06, Jim Stewart <jim.stewart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok, so I have Xcode 2 installed on my powermac......can anyone give
me an idiots guide with what to do with the files? Or provide a link
to a guide?  Do I need xcode on my powerbook to compile a working
copy for that or will the PM version work on it too?
Many thanks

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