[kismac] Compile KisMAC from source: no go?

  • From: Roman Schlegel <rschlegel@xxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 22:59:09 +0200

I have a question regarding building KisMAC from source. I downloaded 
the current source from the webpage but ran into two problems:

1. Project Builder complains the project file is saved with a newer 
version but as far as I know there is no newer version for 10.2.6 than 
December 2002 (+ August 2003 Update to gcc 3.3). The about box displays 
the following information: Version 2.1 (December 2002), PB IDE: 114.0, 
PB Core: 112.0, ToolSupport: 110.0.
Unless the project file is saved with Xcode (don't know whether this is 
possible) but in that case that would be the end of the road for me 

2. If I open the project despite the warning I have to adjust a few CC 
= ... and CPLUSPLUS = ... to point to gcc 3.3, otherwise the source 
won't compile. Having done that the source compiles but fails to link 
and gives an "undefined symbols" error. Namely:

ld: Undefined symbols:
WirelessEncrypt(__CFString const*, unsigned char (*) [13], unsigned 
MD5Final(unsigned char*, MD5Context*)
MD5Update(MD5Context*, unsigned char const*, unsigned)

Now, I am not exactly ignorant of these things, but not too experienced 
either. What puzzles me is that these symbols exist in RC4.mm and md5.c 
(apart from WirelessEncrypt, couldn't find that one, might be in one of 
the frameworks?) and these two files are compiled during the build and 
RC4.o and md5.o exist before the linking takes place. So I don't 
understand why he can't find these symbols although they should exist.

I am sorry if I am asking questions here that just emphasize my 
ignorance, but any help or suggestion is appreciated.

Perhaps a word about why I want to compile from source: I would like to 
try to make the software work with my gps receiver (perhaps you 
remember my last post) but if I can't even compile the software without 
modifications there is no point in trying.


Roman Schlegel

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