[kismac] Bugs/feature reqs/dev help

  • From: jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 17:52:02 +0200 (EET)

Hello everyone-
I recently was *finally* able to compile the svn Kismac, so that worked
well.  However I constantly am experiencing crashes with Kismac, in r81,
r82, r76, r75, and r77, of the same kind, leading me to believe there is a
bug not fixed.  I have reported the bug with the built in crash-reporter
that I have seen pop up, but I haven't seen anything come of it yet.

Also, there are two features I would like to request be added.  One - the
ability to select multiple SSIDS/networks at at a time, for example if you
would like to delete (and/or filter) multiple networks.  If you live in an
area with several networks picked up, or you have imported several
networks, that would be very helpful.  Perhaps you could also allow a user
to select what to import when importing data from kismac files?
The other thing that would be useful would be an auto-save feature, so
that if you leave your laptop running, it can save the packets to the file
every 10, 15 (or any other user-defined number of minutes) so that if the
computer crashes, or something happens, you're not left without the data.

Is there any way I can help with development? I own a Netgear MA111 Prism2
usb adapater and two Ashton Digital WURB-11i (repackaged AirDash) usb
adapters, which are also Prism2, one of which I have updated to the latest
Prism2 firmware on a windows machine (and also the MA111) so if I could be
of any help with packet injection (or if anyone on the list would have use
for the Ashton Digital modules, and that would help with dev) I'd be happy
to help.  They show up and scan fine, but the reinjection seems very buggy
as is.

Jesse Stanford

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