[kismac] Re: Another 004d user with freezes

  • From: ard.jonker@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 22:17:43 +0200

>  > My PCMCIA card is a Lucent Technologies Orinoco Gold card.  The
>  > Orinoco control panel under MacOS 9 identifies it as:
>  > Hardware 4.0.2
>  > Primary Firmware 4.0.4
>  > Station Firmware 8.0.10
>Ard, can you take a look, which version you have?

I can, if you tell me (and the other list members just as well) how 
you can do that under MacOS X. I ran opensource drivers prior to 
Kismac (don't use the card for regular airport traffic, only for 
Apple system profiler under 'devices and volumes' hung Kismac (or the 
other way around) so I had to force-quit both of them.

After a reboot and starting Kismac again, the info that comes up 
under 'devices and volumes' yields
card type is 'cardbus'
card name is 'cardbus'
Card model TXN, PCI 1211-00
vendor 104c
device ID ac1e
rom# is not available.
Revision 0


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