[kismac] Another 004d user with freezes

  • From: "William H. Leininger" <whlm1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 22:37:34 -0500

Alas, I, too am experiencing a freeze upon starting the revised MacJack driver.

My configuration is a Powerbook G3 Series 1999 ("Bronze", SCSI, USB, 
no FireWire) 400 MHz with DVD playback.  I had this problem under 
MacOS 10.2.4, and still have it under 10.2.5, KisMac 004d beta and 

While I have sometimes installed the SourceForge driver, it has been 
uninstalled  before the experiences I'm referring to.  I tried the 
SourceForge driver patch in 004c, and it didn't seem to do anything 
(in fact, I think it froze the machine, too, but I could be wrong.)

My PCMCIA card is a Lucent Technologies Orinoco Gold card.  The 
Orinoco control panel under MacOS 9 identifies it as:
Hardware 4.0.2
Primary Firmware 4.0.4
Station Firmware 8.0.10

If the SourceForge driver is installed, the MacJack start driver tool 
runs without any error messages; KisMac, of course, starts scanning 
and complains that the driver isn't working, but it nothing freezes.

KisMac 004c, with the old MacJack driver, would work for brief 
periods, after which everything would still run, but not detect any 
access points until after I restarted the machine.  Still, I guess 
I'll re-install that one for now.

If anyone has a very similar setup, and has things running, I'd like 
to hear.  For that matter, if anyone has this model of laptop and a 
different PCMCIA card and has things running, I'd like to hear that, 
too, although if it doesn't have the same odd MC Card external 
antenna connector, I don't know that I'll rush out and buy the card.

I may look at the MacJack source, although I haven't developed any 
MacOS X drivers yet; I did some ADB drivers under the old MacOS, but 
I somehow don't think that experience is adequate preparation for 

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