[kismac] Re: Adding an External Antenna to DWL-122

  • From: SG <sub.genius@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 11:53:33 +0100

Hi, thanks for your answer Devnullian (wink wink  ;) ).

I'm thinking about using a cantenna at first, but possibly a decent omni later if needed. Is there any difference in signal loss between the different connections? Why would you recommend an N-type for wardrinving over rp-sma? Wouldn't you have to use an N to N pigtail instead of an N to RP-SMA pigtail anyway?


devnullian@xxxxxxx wrote:

Hi there, sub genius (wink). I modded my DWL-122 to have an N type connector so I can hook it up to some heavier-duty antennas. For your project, it depends on what kind of external antenna you want to add. If you want to add a standard AP type antenna (like you get on a linksys or whatever SOHO AP), I think rp-sma would be good (but double-check, I haven't done this one myself). If, instead, you want to hook up wardriving magnetic mount antennas, parabolic/yagi directionals, and/or large commercial grade omnis, you should install an N connector. If you want flexibility, you could install an rp-sma and use a pigtail with rp-sma and N connectors to connect to the more "hard-core" type antennas. Maybe a look at fab-corp.com would help you decide what you want to do... Good luck!
On May 9, 2006, at 3:00 PM, SG wrote:

I'd like to add an external antenna jack to the DWL-122 USB wireless adapter. Does anyone know which jack I should add? I was thinking about female RP-SMA, would this be a good choice? I'm not too familiar with the various antenna connections.

Thanks in advance...

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