[kismac] Re: A beginners question

  • From: "N. Karras" <nkarras@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 23:10:54 -0400

A:  There is no Powerbook G5.

B:  All you need to do is select the network in the window, and select the
brute force crack from the menu.  Saving anything won't help you.

C:  The Viha driver is the correct choice for Airport.

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Subject: [kismac] A beginners question

: I downloaded and installed KISMAC and wanted to try to crack the wep key
: my own AP and am a bit confused on how to do it. I wanted to prove the wep
: vulnerability at work by demonstrating at home.   My wep key is 40 bit.  I
: assume that I have to turn the dump filter on to some other setting than
: dumping and then run decrypt PCAP dump.  Could someone verify this?  I am
: running a powerbook g5 with only the one airport card.  I assume I cant
: the crack features with existing setup.  Only the VIHA driver seems to
: Thanks for tolerating my newbie question.

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