[kismac] Re: 10.3.4 & KisMac 0.12a issues

  • From: Michael Rossberg <mick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 01:12:40 +0200

Hey Brad and Dan,

I'm playing with Kismac 0.12a on a powerbook with 10.3.4 installed.
Previously I've used two pc card cards without problems. All of a sudden
they don't work.

It recognizes my original Apple Airport card just fine, as well as my Senao SL2511CD-PLUS, although I do not yet have the IOXperts driver loaded under MacOS X 10.3.

works for me too. may be you can take a look at the system.log?

However, I have run into my own little bit of strangeness with KisMac 0.12a and MacOS X 10.3.4. I have been unable to log onto the eurospot.com network here using the built-in Airport card, even though KisMac was able to sniff multiple APs nearby, and iStumbler and MacStumbler did the same. One weird thing was that KisMac thought the APs were WPA-encrypted, whereas every thing else showed them as being unencrypted. My wife's own laptop accessed the network without encryption just fine, but I could not.

same time frame? because eurospot is switching to WPA over here. also i do not believe iStumbler and Macstumbler are capable of detecting WPA. but let me explain what might cause the problem too: there are basically two fields in beacons. one flag for encryption and one for WPA. now if they set WPA and do not set encryption, then kismac thinks it is WPA while others think it is unencrypted. do they maybe offer WPA encryption optional? this of course does not explain your problems.


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