[kismac] Re: 1.0

  • From: Richard Smith <smith@xxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 22:53:49 -0700

You're right. I just tried MacStumbler again and it does work with the 
AirportExtreme. I guess I wasn't patient enough the first time I tried 

The "probe" tip is interesting, as I didn't know what that meant -- I 
was stumbling on my way in to work this morning and got a "PROBE" in my 
log as I was going along Marine Drive in West Vancouver. I guess 
someone else was "stumbling" nearby.

This was running Kismac on my Intersil card. It is really interesting 
to see all the networks that the Intersil sees  (I logged over 120 this 
morning, about 30 minutes of wardriving... on a bus) and see how few 
actually register with the Airport Extreme card. Most of the time I 
would get "No networks in range" on the airport menu even when the 
Intersil was reading several.


On Thursday, September 25, 2003, at 07:23 PM, Andrew Koch wrote:

> Yes, MacStumbler works with the Broadcom/Apple card on my machine
> (12" PBG4, OS X.2.6) However, because it does a "probe" request, it
> can be detected.  Also, it's not actually actively scanning, like
> Kismac does.  It's just sending probe requests and logging what comes
> back to it.  You can be connected to a network and scan with
> MacStumbler.

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