[kismac] Re: 1.0

  • From: Andrew Koch <ppc603ev@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Brad Knowles <brad.knowles@xxxxxxxxx>, kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 22:23:10 -0400

>       I understand that MacStumbler already supports them.  I haven't
>had a chance to confirm this or not, as I have not disassembled my
>PowerBook G4 so that I could disable my built-in Airport card.

Yes, MacStumbler works with the Broadcom/Apple card on my machine 
(12" PBG4, OS X.2.6) However, because it does a "probe" request, it 
can be detected.  Also, it's not actually actively scanning, like 
Kismac does.  It's just sending probe requests and logging what comes 
back to it.  You can be connected to a network and scan with 

I've run MacStumbler along side my friend running Kismac on his 
iBook, and I show up as "Probe" and that's annoying.

Also, MacStumbler is severely lacking in features, like data packet 
capturing, GPS support, WEP cracking tools (the list goes on and on)

I really wish there was some way for me to get Mick the information 
he needed to write a Broadcom driver for Kismac.

Andrew Koch
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