[kismac] Re: 1.0

  • From: ard.jonker@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 01:36:03 +0200

At 20:51 +0200 03/09/12, Lasse Vibe Jespersen wrote:
>by the way, couldn't you consider KisMAC growing to include other
>programmers as 'core' developers? i cannot be quite sure of course, but

Just to put in some counterweight for the whiners (definitely not 
implying that Lasse would be one):

There have been previous examples of excellent packages going 
mediocre by doing exactly this; I guess Microsoft is the best example 
of taking this topic to the infinite limit ;-)

I think Mick is doing a great job and the result of this 
one-programmer application is terrific, as many will agree; reaching 
far beyond limits encountered by considerably larger companies making 
akin commercial products.

Writing the docs will be a good thing to support Mick, as is paying 
the voluntary gift to his bank account, and offering him (and those 
supporting Mick from close by in Germany) other facilities such as 
bug reports, web space and cheer-up messages!


PS. Would all you folks please keep this mailing list a bit lean, 
clean and mean by cutting back the quoted text to the part neccessary 
to make your point(s), and add text below the relevant part?


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