[kismac] Re: 0.04d3 minor but annoying problems

  • From: ard.jonker@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 08:44:11 +0200

>-the GPS coordinates arrive in degrees.minutes(.)minutesdecimal from
>my (tn200) device. The correct calculation of the location now is
>concat(degrees,".",(minutes.minutesdecimal)*60)). If you don't do
>that, you get very silly maps and useless locations. Heck, if I can
>recompile with the developerCD that came with 10.x, I should be able
>to adopt the source myself, shouldn't I?

And what is even more strange: if I put a map with coordinates 
52.2100/4.5400 to 52.2200/4.5500 as calibration points, and my 
current location is 52.215031/4.544608, the 'show current position' 
does not show up... while it is in between the calibration points. 
Possible issue: the map used happens to have the two 
registration/calibration points vertically  aligned due to map 
rotation that is in effect. When calibrating to a straigth line of 
known dimensions, this should not play a role and any point should be 
mapped correctly when two knowns and two unknowns are used for map 
calibration. I'm puzzled here.

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