[kismac] Re: 0.03c released

  • From: Michael Rossberg <mick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 16:35:55 +0100


> You have some great intuition, when I turn off channel hopping the
> card's status light steadies itself to the even blinking I described.

try to channel hop, but do not select channel 12 & 13. these are europe 
only channels, may be your card crashed while trying these channels.

> When I try and tweak the frequency field however, the changes don't
> seem to register after I click OK and it defaults to .20 again. I'm
> trying things like .30, and it won't stay there.

the new developer version fixes that (after 3 hours of playing with 
apples api). it is available under: 
http://aziel.hn.org/KisMAC003b.dmg.gz it should also fix all other 
preferences bugs.

> But you say MacJack
> won't work yet? I'm confused because it picks up signals pretty well,
> I'd imagine it's not too far from making a solid connection to them...

the userland part of macjack is not working. this means you cannot use 
it as a normal driver. it currently only implements rfmon mode and no 
real connections..,


>>> Actually yeah, something is goofing around with mine too... I only
>>> tried wardriving, I didn't actually try using it as a driver.. even
>>> though the SSID names show up at normal range, and the card now
>>> appears
>>> in the Network pane (en02), there's something that's interrupting
>>> every
>>> two seconds or so.
>> you cannot use macjack as a driver (yet). the interface is only there,
>> because i wanted to add support for a normal driver use later on.
>>> But, I think I'm on to it... With the IOxperts
>>> driver, the link light on the card would blink on and off, going "on,
>>> off, on, off" within the range of a second.
>>> Now, With that removed and
>>> this installed, it's acting a little more erratic, there's like an
>>> extra pulse to the lighting. Instead of an even "on, off" it's more 
>>> of
>>> a heartbeat's type of pacing. Also, with the card very close to a
>>> signal, and the graph the Kismac program has activated and set to
>>> signal, it goes near the peak and then cuts out every couple of
>>> seconds. Looks pretty spikey and consistent. So I guess that can clue
>>> in the programmers, there's something interrupting the scanning cycle
>>> or something of that nature. Lastly, I got online long enough for
>>> iChat
>>> to make the "connected" sound, but not long enough to draw up a buddy
>>> list.
>> unfortunatly i dont have a prism 2.5 card to test, but i ll try a
>> little more with my wl-100. does this happen in the same frequence,
>> when you increase the channel hopping interval? or if you disable it?
>>>>>   I have no clue what you changed from version B, but whatever it
>>>>> was,
>>>>>  it got my Prism 2.5 card to work like a charm. Do you have PayPal?
>> our paypal account is charity@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;-)
>>>>    Regretfully, I'm still having issues trying to unload the
>>>> IOXperts or WirelessDriver modules, so that the macjack driver can 
>>>> be
>>>> loaded.  ;-(
>> the wireless driver has the one or other problem, that i saw, while
>> browsing through the code. if i have time i am gonna fix that. so that
>> it can be unloaded while running. i have no idea about the ioxperts
>> driver. it seems to be closed source.
>> have fun
>> mick

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