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(Please remember to use english when posting on the list :-D )

About OpenCV, I am more and more considering it. 

Several sub projects
will need some advanced algorithms that are not currently present in

The main areas are: 

- The tracking function. 

- The next
generation of motion filters (that will need to compute the global motion
of the camera and reconstruct the background). This will probably need some
optical flow algo or feature matching. 

- An image stabilizer (not sure of
the users interest in this) 

- A function to interpolate frames between
existing frames in the video to create a super slow motion effect. 

these could use the KLT tracker, SURF feature finding and matching, etc.
I'm new to this, but it's extremely interesting. 

I think we could have
both AForge and OpenCV as referenced assemblies. AForge is probably less
complete but it also seem better documented and easier to use. Furthurmore,
it's already in C# so no need to wrap it in P/Invoke or access from

I haven't tried the EmguCV yet. I don't know how much of OpenCV
they implement and how easy it is to remove uneeded components (since I
think we will only need access to the low level functions). 


Tue, 9 Feb 2010 13:57:19 +0000 (GMT), nicolas etienne  wrote:   salut  à
defaut de coder, je te signale l'existence d'une librairie : openCV dont un
wrapper EmguCV existe en .Net  Cette librairie a l'air puissante et j'avoue
que je ne saurais dire quel avantage à l'utiliser à la place de AForge.Net
:)  Nicolas 

 DE : Joan 
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OBJET : [kinovea-dev] Re: Tracking on (more or less) all tools


Earlier today I submitted the refactoring of tracking code to trunk.
a rather big commit, hopefully I didn't break anything :-)

 In the
meantime, I have tried to improve the tracking a bit with some variations
on the naive algorithm, but it didn't really worked…
 I also updated the
AForge.NET dll, to the latest trunk (revision 1163).


04/02/2010 10:55, Erik Larsson a écrit : Hi,  Thanks for the heads-up  I'm
working on dual video export, so it's not a problem.
 I think I'm getting
there soon, but I have thought that in two days now so....  /Erik

2010/2/3 Joan 

 I have started to refactor the Track stuff, so just
in case you were considering working on it, please avoid modifying to it
during the next few days, as it will change a lot.
 I am moving files
around and making abstract classes. Hopefully it'll later be easier to test
various algorithms/parameters and the tracking will be better separated
from the visual rendering of the track.


 Le 31/01/2010
23:22, Joan a écrit :  

 I guess I should start by cleaning up the
Track.cs a bit. For a start the tracking calls should be more independant
of the rest of the class. (allowing to work on the multiple point tracking
and improving the algo at the same time.)



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