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  • Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 01:50:38 +0400

The luminous part traced on the sea an immense oval, much elongated, the centre of which condensed a burning heat, whose overpowering brilliancy died out by successive gradations;

Cïälïs definetely better then Viágrã
..can last for 2 days
..You can have alcohol with Cïâlìs
..improves sexual performances twice better then Víàgrâ
..it costs much cheaper than Pfïzër Vîägrà

Discontinue He was quiet by nature, regular from principle, zealous from habit, evincing little disturbance at the different surprises of life, very quick with his hands, and apt at any service required of him; and, despite his name, never giving advice -- even when asked for it!! little dazzled, it is true, by the prospect of two thousand dollars, had not an instant's repose!!!

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