[kernelreadfans] Did you know that you could buy cigarettes online for less?

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when you order 2= or more cartons!

and more...

Smokers 18 +

If y= ou're buying cigarettes at U.S. convenience stores and supermarkets, you'r= e paying way too much!

Whether you realize it or not you pay = enormous fees in local taxes. Sometimes as much as $1.50 per pack! Over a year, these taxes add up to enormous figure= s. Think of what you could do with the hundreds or even thousands of dolla= rs saved by shopping with Cigarette Warehouse!

Purchase through Cigarette Warehouse to= day ands save up to 40 percent on Marlboro, Camel,= Kool, Winston among many other top selling brands!

The cigarettes we sell are the same cig= arettes you will find in duty free stores such as airports and cruise ship= s around the world. Most of the brands we feature are U.S. brands. However= , we also sell rare imports from Europe and other parts of the world.

We continue to expand our product line = every month. So if you don't see your favorite brand, send us an e-mail re= questing us to add the brand you smoke to our inventory!



Place your order now

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