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  • Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2020 22:40:15 +0100

Hi Tim,

Paid. Could I temporarily update my address to the below for this year? I won't need it until at least the summer anyway as I'm in Czechia so don't bother wasting a stamp on sending it to the address below anyway!

39 Almsford Road
YO26 5NY


On 02/12/2020 22:18, tim king wrote:

Hi All...It's that time again to renew your membership and pay your  KCC subs and BCA for 2021...

As Andy has already explained, due to the lack of activity this year and potentially into 2021 the committee have reduced the club membership for 2021...£5 for active caver members and £2 for social members.....

The BCA membership rates are the same as last year so the options are as follows:

1. £5 KCC membership (active member) + £17 BCA (active caver) = £22
 2. £2 KCC membership (social member) + £6 BCA (non caver) = £8
 3. £5 KCC membership + £8 BCA (full time student / under 18) = £13
 4. £5 KCC membership only - active member - (for those insured via another club or are a direct individual member of the BCA)
 5. £2 KCC membership only - social member - (for those insured via another club or are a direct individual member of the BCA)

The KCC bank details are:
Sort code: 16-52-21
Account number: 51139538
 "Kendal Caving Club"

 Ideally if people could pay money directly into the account and email me to let me know when they have paid that would be great. Please add your name on any bank transfers so I can see who it is on the statement. If not, send a cheque to me (address below) for "Kendal Caving Club".
I am still awaiting the membership renewal forms from the BCA but should be getting them imminently. As soon as I have these and have received payments from current members I shall send a cheque off to the BCA hopefully before Christmas, so please pay asap to make this possible.

To keep membership details current, if you have changed any of your details, ie. moved house, changed email address, etc. please let me know.  The BCA require these for their records.

Any queries just drop me an email.


Tim King

15 Park Street

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