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Your best bet is to follow Cliff's suggestion.  Here's a little more
background on what's going on.

Actually, Microsoft has done a very helpful thing.  But in the process they
confused you.  NT, of which Windows XP is a child, has had a "boot from CD"
option since NT 4.  The annoying part was you were supposed o boot from the
CD and run part of the install.  Then the system would want to boot from the
C: drive.  But if you didn't pull the CD out at the right time it would just
boot from the CD and start the install over again.  If you did get it right
then you would have to put the CD in a little later so that install could
copy more files after the initial boot.  So you were putting the CD in and
taking it out.

And once it was installed you would sometimes need the CD again.  So you
would put the CD in, do your thing, and forget the CD was still in the
drive.  Then you would turn your PC off and back on and BAM!  The install
would start over again.

So Microsoft put this little piece of code on the CD.  You are, in fact
booting from the CD.  That's where the code is.  But what it does is put up
the "press any key" message and wait.  If you press a key (space bar, Enter,
pretty much any key on the keyboard) it will load the "real" boot program
from the CD and go on.  If you don't (think unattended boot, for instance)
it will load the boot sector from the C: drive and off you go as if there
was no CD in the drive.

I have failed to remove the CD at the proper time bunches of times so I like
this option.  It also saves you from having to remove the CD and put it back
in across a normal install, something I also like.

And, as Cliff indicated, you can convert your C: drive to NTFS as part of
the install.  If you are installing from a CD you actually don't need to do
any preliminary formatting of your C: drive.  The install will give you the
opportunity to delete partitions and create partitions.  So you can throw
any old hard disk into your system, delete whatever partitions are currently
on it, create a FAT32 (even FAT, if you keep it at 2 GB or less) or NTFS
partition and install Windows XP into it.

Good luck.

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I parititioned and formatted (FAT32 because I don't know how to do NTFS) my
hard drive and am trying to install the full version of windows xp home.  I
was told by the store where I bought it to set the boot sequence to the CD
first in BIOS, and then to boot from the XP CD.  When I try that, this
message is displayed:

"boot from ATAPI CD-ROM:
"no emulation".

"press any key to boot from CD..."

After a slight delay, the following message:

"invaild system disk"
"replace the disk, and then press any key".

I can access the CD and get a directory, so I don't know if the CD drive is
the issue or the windows xp cd is the issue.  It's an Aopen JustLink
24x10x40 CD-RW (I think that's right).  Any ideas?

Kurt Mincin
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