[kegswindows] configuring network

  • From: "Kurt Mincin" <krmincin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "KEGS (Windows) SIG" <kegswindows@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 14:19:38 -0700

OK.  I've two computers, both with WIN98, Netgear Network Interface Card in 
each, a 25' CAT5 Crossover cable.  When I double-click on the Network 
Neighborhood, then Entire Network, I get "unable to browse network".   I called 
Netgear and they gave me some websites for reference.  I used www.wown.com to 
configure the tcp/ip > netgear protocol and the IP address that the site 
recommends.  They suggest testing the connection using PING.  From one system I 
got "request timed out".  From the other system I got "destination host 
unreachable".  For the "unreachable" error the site says to check the gateway 
address because the other system is not on the same subnet.  I tried the 
gateway address given on the site and got the "destination host unreachable" 
error again.

Can anyone help me to get these computers talking?

Kurt Mincin

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