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(second try - the first one went somewhere into the ozone)

This is my understanding but I have not been able to verify it:

Win98/SE/ME does not know what to do with memory above 256MB.  But a number
of the "memory hog" programs use a "windows extender" technology that allows
them to manage and use memory beyond the 256MB boundary.  So lets change the
question to "If I have Win98/SE/ME is it worthwhile to get more than 256MB
of RAM"?  If you run the standard run of the mill software and don't plan to
upgrade to an NT family OS like XP then the answer is no.  But if you run
full featured picture editors, CAD, or other software that is likely to have
the "windows extender" software and need the RAM or you are planning to go
to an NT family OS on the same hardware then the answer is yes.  But if this
is one of those trivia questions, I think technically the answer is the OS
can only handle 256MB of RAM.

Of course if the "K" in your original question is correct and not a TYPO
then the correct answer is "false".  A Win98 system can recognize and use
more than 256K of RAM.  In fact, it can recognize and use more than 640K of
RAM, even in "DOS 16 bit compatibility" mode.  In this mode it can use
unused chunks of memory between 640K and 1024K and it can recognize and use
up to 64K of memory starting at 1024K.  All together it can recognize and
use about 800K under ideal circumstances.  Of course, in 32 bit mode it can
recognize and use a lot more.

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Complicated question, but in a sense, Win98,win98SE and Win ME do not
utilize large ammmounts of RAM as efficiently as Windows NT 4(which is
no longer supported for free, like SPs and security updates by
Microsoft) Win2000, Win XP/Home and Win XP/Pro.  Some applications
require a large amount of RAM to run with in addition to the memory
required by the OS.  Generally 256Mb will work ok for most of the above
Os's and most of the applications you would run.

IF you can afford it and your hardware and applications are supported,
an upgrade to windowsXP will bring stability and performance that far
exceeds that which you experience with Win98

David Dodge

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        True or false?

        It doesn't matter if your Win98 machine has 256k ram, 512 or
640. The
operating system only recognizes and uses up to 256.

        If true, is there a ram use difference between Win98 and second

...Doug Pizac

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