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Hi Cliff,

My vote would be for "m", the ideal system. The audience could be a big
part of this by volunteering their opinions on components. Perhaps Ron
would end up with two or three "ideals" to be used for different
purposes. Perhaps, sometime in the near future, someone might build one
of these ideal systems and could follow-up with his experience.

My $.02 worth. ($1.02 with inflation)

Gordon Young

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This coming meeting will start with our usual hour of Q&A. The second
half was planned to be a presentation on spam but our presenter has been
overwhelmed by work and has to postpone to a later date. If anyone who
has been thinking of presenting base on the list below and want to
present please step forward. Otherwise we shall ad lib or simply adjourn
early (which would be a first).

Bring your friends and co-workers. Remember, more attendees mean more
energy, synergy, ideas and a lively, interesting meeting. We welcome
guests and help shy first timers who have a burning question that they
can't seem to get answered anywhere else. 

Meeting time and place: 7:00 PM, Room D, North Bellevue Community
Center. Go to WWW.KEGS.ORG for map and other neat stuff about our venue
and opportunities. 

Feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone you feel might be interested
in our activities. The more folks who know about our club and
participate the better we get - more energy, presentations, ideas and
credibility with vendors.

Present and future topics include the following:
  a.. Power Toys for XP 
  b.. XP Networking 
  c.. Resources 
  d.. UNIX 
  e.. VB Scripting (e.g., Access) 
  f.. Temp. Internet Cache on boot (Volunteer: Cliff Olin) 
  g.. Security 64 bit, 128 bit 
  h.. Windows Update Options 
  i.. System Maintenance 
  j.. System Optimization (cookies, defrag, registry, power tools)
(Volunteer: Dave Dodge) 
  k.. Voice Control (Volunteer: Cliff Morgan) 
  l.. Handwriting 
  m.. The Ideal System (Volunteer: Ron Cowger) 
  n.. Virus, Security, SPAM.

See you tomorrow evening.

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