[kegswindows] Re: Windows SIG this coming Tuesday, 8 October

  • From: "Andy Peck" <smurfjet@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Clifford Olin" <cliff_olin@xxxxxxxxxxx>,"Windows SIG" <kegswindows@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,"Seasig-Win95" <seasig-win95@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 22:40:46 -0700

Cliff, as we discussed at the SIG meeting tonight, here is the info on the
OneSuite calling card.  Their website is www.onesuite.com.  Customer Service
# is 866-417-8483 (866-41SUITE).  The service is pre-paid, using a credit
card on their website.  The cost for US calls is 2.5 cents/minute when using
a local access number, 2.9 cents/minute when using their toll-free access
number.  No taxes are added to these rates, unlike "Dial 1" service from
your home.  Inexpensive calls can be made TO foreign countries, but not FROM
them, unlike AT&T cards (which can be extremely expensive when used in other
countries).  There is an on-line statement of all calls made.  Up to four
phone numbers can be designated as "ZipDial" numbers.  Calls originating
from those numbers are "sensed" by OneSuite, and associated with your
account.  This eliminates the step of entering your PIN, which is your phone
number, plus a 4-digit suffix.  BTW, these rates apply to intra-state calls
also.  That produces awesome savings for "local long distance" calls during
business hours.

OneSuite offers several other services, for additional fees.  They may be of
interest to some members, especially those who travel extensively.

"Downsides" of this account are that it is pre-paid, and that everything is
handled on-line.  If you want a statement, you'll have to use your printer.
Of course, that also allows the incredibly cheap rates, since their cost of
administering the account is minimal.  For calls made from pay telephones,
there is a stiff surcharge of 55 cents.  For that reason, I seldom use this
account for calls from payphones.  For payphone calls, I use my Costco/MCI
card, which costs 3.5 cents/minute, but has only a 24-cent payphone
surcharge.  Another downside is that OneSuite's toll-free number is
occasionally busy.  I'm normally able to get through after another one or
two tries.  The Costco/MCI card seems to be slightly more reliable.  For
some reason, the OneSuite system occasionally disconnects, just as the
modems finish "handshaking".

Setting up my Windoze 98 Dial-Up Networking to handle the calling card took
a bit of effort.  However, it was worth it, compared to my ISP's surcharge
of 10 cents/minute for toll-free access, or the ridiculous charges imposed
by some hotels for local phone calls (the worst I've encountered was a 5
cent/minute charge for LOCAL calls).  If anyone has questions, send me an
e-mail at smurfjet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or call me at 425-228-7395 (Renton).  I
spend 2/3 of my life traveling, so don't hesitate to leave a message.
Andy Peck

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